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Data Quality Solutions

Cleaned and updated data

  We cleanse and append any data warehouse to improve campaign response and increase ROI for your sales and marketing campaigns. We verify each record in our database in a regular basis. We make at least 2 million phone calls and send out 6 million emails. We take each of these conversations o n opportunities to re-unify and re-profile the information we have. We give data quality a very highest priority that many of these same list vendors turn to us for database maintenance. Our data will be the most relevant and updated list available out there and you're getting it as part of your campaign.

One of our happy clients

Pointcloser team was very professional. Their database cleansing project helped us to eliminate unnecessary and non existing contacts and
email addresses so there is no time wasted in doing our campaigns.

  • Ash Harwood, AU
  • AMrketing Executive

How we work

We work with all types of businesses and industries—All of our services are customized to the individual business need. We have developed a system where there are different departments handling different vertical market. With the departments handling similar accounts since, adapting to your vertical will be easy. We use a comprehensive multi-channel approach of email, phone, social media and online marketing to ensure your campaign is receiving diverse, effective exposure to your intended audience.

We consider a prospect as a qualified appointment if he or she has met all the required parameters that you and your team have agreed upon prior to the campaign kickoff. You spell out what a qualified prospect is. We establish a specific time and date for a sales appointment - face- to-face or phone.

Why choose our services

Being in this business for over 15 award winning years more than speaks for itself. It proves that we are at the top and leads the B2B lead generation industry. We are proud of our:

→   Technology: We have created our marketing strategy which can do all channels: call, direct email, social media, sms, 24/7 chat support and banner ads. We do not just do cold call.

→   Expertise: More than 15 years of service and have served more than 10,000 companies and a number of those included in the Fortune 1000 list. This includes MNCs and SMEs alike.

→   We have mastered the process of effective b2b lead generation and appointment setting.

→   Database: We have over 50million updated list of decision-makers.

We are offering you a professional marketing campaign. A complete lead management program that will cross all platforms of marketing. A marketing initiative which will provide you a sales-busy month and surely show you that it is worth the investment.